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Dr. Gifty Immanuel is a virologist and the Director of Center for AIDS and Antiviral Research, a non-profit scientific Institute, created in the late nineties to conduct research and develop treatments for viral diseases in man.
Special interests include Viral Hepatitis, Human Retroviral Infections and Viral Haemorrhagic fevers like Dengue and Kyassanur forest disease. Dr. Immanuel is currently working on viral epidemiological studies with immunologists, on the prevalence, occurrence, and associated risk factors for HIV, HTLV transmission in southern India.
On-going activities include evaluation of safe natural compounds that inhibit crucial viral enzymes that are essential for viral replication. A team of scientist are working on methods to improvise tests used in diagnosis of various viral infections.
Center for AIDS and Antiviral Research Institute
“As nature’s most pathogenic microbes, viruses have accounted for significant human mortality and morbidity. We have attained only a limited success in treating viral infections. It’s time we do something about it” said Dr. Gifty Immanuel in the Institute’s conference.
Viral infections have been constantly emerging and re-emerging on a global scale. Research on viral diseases of medical and public health importance could greatly contribute to the excellence of human lives.
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